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Sip & Paint for Kids

Today marks the one-year business anniversary of ZuZu's Lip Balm. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, family, and friends for being a contributing factor in the success of Zuri's endeavors.

She celebrated her one-year business anniversary by attending a painting event that which her team organized. Attendees engaged in the fun festivities. Light music, cold drinks, dessert, free giveaways, and familiar faces from the launch party complimented the evening's immediate revelry of painting ZuZu's pre-drawn logo.

See below an immediate summary of the year:

• Sold over six-hundred balms • Sponsored multiple events • Served as a vendor at numerous events • 2017 CEBA Kiddiepreneur Honoree • Featured in Designer Girls Magazine • Acquired her first retailer: Paris Hair & Beauty Supplies


Please click on the links provided below to view more images and videos from the chill event.


FLASH SALE - Thank you all again for your continued support! Enjoy free shipping on all orders! Use code: ANNIVERSARY2018



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