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She's Unstoppable Conference

On Saturday, May 11, 2019 Coach Caryl Lucas and partnered organizers created a safe space for all the girls in attendance for the She's Unstoppable Conference which empowered and enabled seeds of greatness to be sowed.

Furthermore, we are sending a special thank you to her and the Unstoppable Girls Foundation for requesting ZuZu's momager to serve as a facilitator for an entrepreneurship and beauty rotating workshop.

The organizers also, purchased ZuZu's Lip Balm products in bulk ensuring that there were enough to be distributed to each girl present at the event.

Diamonnique sought to empower the girls in their goals of becoming entrepreneurs by discussing the ZuZu's Lip Balm business entity and the affiliate Girl Boss Program with hopes of encouraging them to jump-start their business.

In addition, by means of sharing her own life experiences in conjunction with the topic and sub-topics at hand it was easy for the girls to relate to her.

To view more images captured at this event please click on the link below.



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